Internal Rules



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Welcome to Camping Cala Gogo, the management and all the staff wish you a pleasant stay with us.




Only those who have registered their stay have access and the right to use the facilities of the campsite.  The management reserves the right of admission and the cancellation of the contract of those clients who, disturb the peace,  ignore the basic social / behaviour rules and who in general do not adhere to the principle rules of conduct established by the the campsite and the FCC.

1.2 Identity bracelet and security: To improve security and the quality of our service, access to the camp site and the use of it’s facilities will be exclusively for clients issued with an identity bracelet.  Therefore it is necessary that all occupants present themselves at reception at the time of check in.

1.3 Bracelets: The bracelets are for personal use only and are not transferable. The Bracelet is required at all times on the site.

1.4 Pets: Please check the dates to see if it is allowed. Clients are obliged to declare any pet when checking in,  this information will be included in the contract,  specifying the race and thereby accepting any legislation/laws which may apply as well as the regulations of the campsite.


Clients must sign a contract on the day of their arrival,  in doing so agreeing to the terms and conditions of the campsite. Any alteration of what has been previously declared must be reported to reception immediately.  The agreement must be signed by an adult, show a valid passport, and will  be held responsible for all acts and damages caused  by themselves and/or their companions.

2.1 You should pay the total amount of your stay  on your arrival


3.1 Arrival

Pitches will check in after 13:00h. Check out time before noon.

3.2 Pitch Installation Rules

The pitch can only be occupied upon completion of a valid contract.  Clients must occupy the pitch assigned to them.  It is strictly forbidden to change to another pitch without prior consent of reception staff. If clients wish to extend their stay they should consult reception staff in advance.

3.3 Reserved Pitches

Only the contracted pitch can be occupied.

The time of arrival for reserved pitches is from 13.00hrs.  If the date of arrival were to be later than the date previously reserved or the date of departure earlier than the date specified in the contract, clients will be charged the total amount for the entire stay,  as originally contracted.


4.1 Arrivals

The campsite will require a 100€ deposit on arrival.

The time of arrival is from 16.00hrs until 21.00hrs.

The bungalow can only be occupied upon completion of a valid contract, which will specify the  assigned bungalow/mobile home/glamping  number.  It is not permitted to place any type of tent (i.e. children’s tents), motorcycle or trailer on the pitch.. A detailed inventory list may be found in all bungalows/mobile homes. Any missing items should be reported to reception as soon as possible.

4.2 Bungalow Reservations

If the date of arrival were to be later than the date previously reserved or the date of departure earlier than the date specified in the contract, clients will be charged the total amount for the entire stay, as originally contracted.


The total sum of the contracted stay should be paid on arrival.

Check-in hours are 08.00hrs until 22.00hrs.(high season) 09hrs until 20hrs (low and middle season).

It is compulsory to return  your registration form (which states name and booking number) on departure.

If any damages have been caused to either the accommodation and/or the campsite facilities the amount due for it’s repair and/or replacement should be paid at reception.

The bungalows and mobile homes must be vacated before 11.00hrs.

Pitches must be vacated before 12.00hrs.


Free visits are for a maximum duration of 1 hour and the visitor should leave an official identity document at reception. The campsite facilities may not be used. Visits for longer than 1 hour will be subject to the daily charge. All visitors must report in reception and will be issued with a temporary visitors pass to access the campsite. Anyone wishing to use the facilities may and should wear the identity bracelet issued by reception staff.

6.1 Vehicles of visitors are not allowed on the campsite.  The car park situated at the entrance of the campsite it subject to a daily charge and/or availability.


The maximum speed limit is 10km/hr.

It is forbidden to circulate with a vehicle from 00.00hrs until 07.00hrs.

Children under 16 years of age are not allowed to drive electric scooters,  mini motors (pocket bikes) or quads under any circumstances.  Any vehicles which cause excessive noise will not be allowed inside the campsite.

7.1 Rented vehicles: It is forbidden for any rented vehicle or motorcycle to enter the campsite which has not been subject to the daily charge.

7.2 Entrance Car Park

The car park situated at the entrance of the campsite is reserved for customers of the campsite Cala Gogo. The camping offers the possibility to park vehicles in the entrance car park. The night guard on duty will inform you of availability.


So as not to disturb your neighbours or any other campsite clients,  TV sets, radios or any other audio equipment must be kept at a low volume. Rest hours are between 00.00hrs and 08.00hrs and should be respected.


The drinking water fountains in the campsite are for the exclusive use of collecting water.  For obvious reasons these fountains are not for personal use (washing clothes, dishes, feet or shoes etc).  Under no circumstances should any substances be emptied in these fountains (chemical residue,  food etc.)


Residual waters must only be disposed of in the dedicated chemical toilets and never emptied in the drinking water fountains.


Activities are organised for children aged 4 to 12 years. Children can join in for free. The mini club is not a nursery and parents should always be near and easy to reach.


It is compulsory to shower before entering the swimming pool.

Children under the age of 12 may not use the swimming pool unless they are accompanied by an adult,  who must take full responsibility.

12.1 Sunbeds: The use of sunbeds is for all guests and we ask you for a respectable and exemplary behaviour so that everyone can use them.

12.2 Use of Floats and  Inflatables

The use of inflatables is not permitted in any swimming pool.

Swimming aids (such as armbands etc.)  are only allowed in the children’s pools.

12.3 Ball Games

Only young children are allowed to take balls into the children’s pools. Also allowed during the games organised by the entertainment team.

12.4 Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles are permitted as long as they are not made of glass or any other material that may break easily.

12.5 Strictly Forbidden in all Swimming Pools

To enter the water whilst wearing t-shirts, underwear, shoes, towels or any other item of clothing or object, which may disturb other clients.

The use of water guns, bicycles or scooters etc. is not allowed in the swimming pool area. Jumping  headfirst into the water.

12.6 All pets are forbidden to enter the swimming pool areas.

12.7 Water-slides must be used by one person at a time and facing forwards only.  It is forbidden to block the exits of the water-slides. Respect schedules and posters specific standards for each slide.

  1. PETS

Should not be left unattended or be allowed to roam free within the campsite.

Access of pets is limited in certain establishments within the campsite, this is indicated at the entrance of each establishment. Pets should not be allowed to litter within the campsite, any litter should be collected immediately.

Certain races of dogs are considered potentially dangerous and are therefore prohibited from entering the campsite (Akita Inu, American Staffordshire Terrier, Doberman, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro,  Pitt Bull Terrier, Rottweiller, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Tosa Inu.


In order not to disturb any campsite guests, games should be played at the sports area. The use of laser pens, pellet guns and any other dangerous toys is strictly forbidden.


A document has to be signed at reception before to be allowed to use barbecues (Generalitat de Catalunya – Plan ALFA). Barbecues are permitted, that always they are approved i do not exceed a flame height of the sides of the barbecue.  However under no circumstances directly on the ground.


To help the environment please use the re-cycling bins provided within the campsite for disposal of rubbish.


The campsite can not be held responsible for thefts on the campsite or in the car park situated at the entrance of the campsite.  Neither will the campsite be held responsible for damages caused by natural causes,  such as wind,  rain,  flooding, or tree resin etc.  The same applies if any damage occurs to clients vehicles due to collisions with curbs,  trees or branches etc.


The official camp site electrician is the only person authorised to examine and repair faults. For security purposes the doors of the electric fuse boxes must be closed at all times.  Electric cables must be provided with an earth cable and should be appropriately insulated.  Exterior connections are forbidden.  Each pitch is provided with one electrical outlet only.


Campers are asked to respect plants and trees and call attention to other people not doing so. It is forbidden to knock nails into trees to support wires across. Strings can be tied to trees without over stretching them and protecting the plant or tree.



We hope that you will understand the reasons for the rules listed above and that you will respect them. So that everybody will have a pleasant and fulfilling holiday.