Protecting the environment is something we inherited from our great grand parents and it is something we should continue to do for the future generation. Cala Gogo is also aware of this and has taken some measures and with a political attitude we are trying to achieve an ENVIRONMENT CERTIFICATE since 2003 (Generalitat de Catalunya.

For this we have introduced some systems to protect the environment:

* To save water we have introduced the drop by drop irrigation system<
* Installation of non water consuming urinaries (WC1, WC2, WC3 and Bar)
* The oils and greases from the restaurants are collected separately
* In the showers our showerheads use less water
* Energy saving lighting and LED
* Heated swimming pool with solar energy (Since 2003 and expansion of the number of plates to improve efficiency in 2014)
* Reducting of the water capacity in the toilets
* Installation of hot water by solar energy in bloc sanitary #2 (2017)
* Installation of the termic isolation system to prevent of heat escaping that are energetically efficient
* We have placed different containers to collect the garbage at various locations

Please co-operate by using the campsite map to see where containers are located.

Further we would like to remind you:

* Water is a scare resource, use it sensibly
* Dispose of garbage in the correct garbage bin
* Do not mix the organic-garbage with the other garbage.

For other garbage, that is not possible to dump on the campsite, please take it to the “Deixalleria de Calonge”, the garbage-center in Calonge.

YELLOW Container: Plastic, “tetra-brik” and tin
BLUE Container: Paper and carton.
GREEN Container: Organic garbage

BLACK: Ash container
Sympathetic Container (Beach, Supermermarket, Area 300): Tin cans.

GREEN Igloo container for glass. Can be used between 11 am �and 11:45 pm.

At the reception you can dispose of old batteries and printer parts.