New for 2017

Do you wish to choose the number of your Mobile Home? Would you like to book a bungalow but you want to be sure that you will be staying next to your friend? Would you like to know which glamping you will get?

At Cala Gogo there is a system called MyHoue and MyHouseBeach for Mobile Homes, Bungalows and Glamping.


    My HouseBeach:


In order to book one unit with MyHouse or MyHouseBeach, you have to accept the conditions of the contract mentioned below. The payment made by the customer implies the acceptance of the conditions.

Book with MyHouseBeach Book with MyHouse


The conditions of the contract for the Mobile Homes, Bungalows and Glamping with MyHouse and MyHouseBeach:

1. It is personal and non-transferable. It is regarded as binding once the 1st payment is received. No change in the dates nor the people will be allowed unless prior authorization of Cala Gogo.

2. The lodgings will be available for the customer from 4 p.m. on the agreed arrival’s date. The customer has to leave the pitch by 11 am on the agreed day of departure. In the event that the customer arrives later than the agreed arrival’s date or leaves the site earlier than the agreed departure’s date, the total for the entire stay will not be modified.

3. The minimum stay will be of 10 nights in high season and 2 nights in low season. When booking, please indicate the number of adults and children and also select MyHouse or MyHouseBeach. Indicate in comments number  you would like to get and wait for the answer of the campsite.

4. In order to confirm the acceptance if the contract the customer has to make a payment of 50%  by bank transfer or credit card after having received the instructions. The outstanding balance for the planned stay has to be sent by bank transfer at least 15 days before the due arrival. Not issuing the 2nd payment will imply the cancellation of the contract and therefore the customer loses the right to occupy the requested unit.

5. Cancellations: Due to the particularity of the system MyHouse/MyHosueBeach there are no no refund of the payments done.

6. Any customer who does not arrive by 12 midday of the day following the due arrival date loses the right to occupy the unit Cala Gogo reserves the right to rent this unit unless the customer informs the reception about the delay. In such a case the booking will remain valid..

7. The administrative costs per night for the MyHouseBeach for units on the beach area (Bungalow Ona, Vista, Vista Plus, Mobile Homes Marina, Brava, Mistral, Mistral Plus, and also Glamping CocoSweetBeach are:
8/4 – 22/6/2017: 3 Euro
23/6-7/7/2017: 4 Euro
8/7 – 19/8/2017: 6 Euro
20/8 – 2/9/2017: 4 Euro
3/9 – 17/9/2017: 3 Euro

The administrative costs per night for the MyHouse for the rest of the units  (Bungalows Campitel, Campeco, Finland, Mobile Homes Forest, Xaloc and also Glamping CocoSweet) are:
8/4 – 22/6/2017: 2 Euro
23/6-7/7/2017: 3 Euro
8/7 – 19/8/2017: 5 Euro
20/8 – 2/9/2017: 3 Euro
3/9 – 17/9/2017: 2 Euro

Cala Gogo guarantees the customer the right to occupy the requested Mobile Home, Bungalow or Glamping  during his/ her stay as indicated in the contract except for unforeseen circumstances. In this case there will be a refund of the administrative costs for the MyHouse or MyHoueBeach.